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Food Trucks On The River RECAP

Did you go to Food Trucks on the River? If you didn’t, you missed out. But that’s okay! There’s always next year, and there’s always this blog post.

First of all, our podcast about Food Trucks on the River went STELLAR. Benny Mikula: The Lone Gnome filled in for Michael, and our musical guest was SISTER FUNK! You can check it out here, or play the widget below. Episode 2 is available on Spotify & our Youtube.

Food Trucks on The River… Where do I even begin? Great food. Amazing people. Fantastic turnout. We had amazing food trucks, an awesome music lineup, and a whole lot of fun. We powered through a nice breeze… but it did help our Pride Flag Raising Ceremony, led by our good friend Tomer Harel, and of course- Mayor Lauretti presented the Pride Flag Proclamation. It was Shelton's 2nd Annual Pride Flag Ceremony! Super grateful to be a part of it.

What a spectacular community we live in. We live in a community that celebrates local artisans, local food, and the locals themselves… all whilst there’s live music in the background, kids dancing in the field, and families having a fun Father’s Day Weekend.

A huge thank you to our lineup-- Sister Funk, Benny Mikula: The Lone Gnome, Riley Johnson, and Dos Buenos– for providing some good tunes during Food Trucks. I loved watching people set up their chairs, grab a bite, and soak in those songs.

If you had some good food at Food Trucks, let us know. Tag us on instagram & facebook!

We are so excited for the next event: Downtown Sounds. Every Friday from July 22 to August 5th. See you there!


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