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Happy New Year!

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? At the end of February? Oh well. I am going to do it anyway. Happy New Year! We have so much planned for this year and for our community. All of our events will be in Shelton (of course!) and the People of The Valley & Beyond are invited.

The first event we've got planned for this year is Mamas & Mimosas, a wellness and shopping day dedicated to celebrating the women in our lives. Every year, we have it at Adam's House. It is SO much fun! We have drinks, food, workshops, and artisan shopping. It is truly a day to just relax and enjoy the day. This year it is on Saturday May 6th, from 10 AM to 3 PM.

The next event that we are hosting is Food Trucks On The River! We love this day. It's full of family fun, food, and local artisans! Last year we were also insanely honored to host Shelton's first Pride Ceremony. This year we plan to do that, too! There are more than 25+ food trucks spanning this two day weekend event. Bring your appetite to Veterans Memorial park on Saturday, June 2nd & June 3rd from 11-6PM!

Of course, the people's favorite is up next. And it's my favorite too! Can I say every event is my favorite? Well. It is. Downtown Sounds: Summer Concerts is back! Head down to Veterans Memorial Park on Friday, July 21 & July 28 to jam to your favorite local bands. We have the food, the drinks, artisans, and fun!

And then, if you couldn't have more fun, there's Downtown Sounds: Fall Edition! There's nothing better than hoodies, a good drink, and live music. Of course, there's going to be food trucks and artisan shopping. And OF COURSE! There's going to be fall fun family activities. Try saying that 3 times fast. Come get down with us on Saturday, October 7 from 12pm-6pm.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Community Tree Lighting. It's always so merry! We have a toy drive, we eat cookies, and drink hot chocolate. There's a beautiful tree we light up at the end of the night, we have bonfires, and sing holiday songs! This year, join us on Friday, December 1st at 5:30pm to spread the holiday cheer!

And that's it for this year of events. We are going to have the best time celebrating Shelton with you this year. See you soon!


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