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Mamas & Mimosas RECAP!

I don't even know where to begin on this one. You ever look around in a crowd of people and know that they're about what you're about? That. That was Mamas and Mimosas. A ton of people from the Valley showed up to Adam's House on a rainy Saturday to support what is important-this community. Artisans. Wellness. Musicians. Female empowerment.

Listen- we do a ton of community happenings... But this is one we hold dear to our hearts. Adam's House has been such an amazing resource for families in Connecticut. They are home to an amazing grief support program for everyone to participate in. It's an essential part of healing for many people. Mamas and Mimosas was an awesome way to kick of The Great Give- a community fundraising event put on by The Community Foundation for New Haven.

There was rain. There was coffee. (Thank God.) There was waffles. (Literally mouth watering. If you did not have of any of Lori's Waffles you missed out big time. ) There was a ton of smiles and laughter. Some people were outside, some inside, but everyone was having the time of their lives. We had a bar tent, where many people got their drink on, and there were non-alcoholic beverages too, so everyone was included.

We met a bunch of new artisans with such beautiful handmade goods. We also got to catch up with artisans we have hosted in the past. It's always fun to see what people come up with- just from their brain! There were so many things that people had made where I just had to do a double take. "You made that?! That's amazing!"

The live music was incredible, a big shout out to Lee-Ann Lovelace, Michael Stark, and Elle Sera for being wonderfully talented. Music is essential to our events- no one can resist a good tune.

Of course, Sona Bella Salon hit it out of the park in the Beauty Department, like always. Nicole McGee and her team at Sahai Wellness made us feel AMAZING with their massages. When you feel good, you look good. Ain't that the truth.

And the workshops were incredibly insightful as well. SO much knowledge was shared. We talked about finding ourselves, self-care, intimacy, and heck- even real estate. Not a stone of wellness was left unturned. All of this education and knowledge, even reminders of taking care of ourselves- it helps our community turn into a better place.

Our hearts are full. Our mission was successful. Mamas & Mimosas of 2022 was amazing, and we can not wait to do it again with you. Thank you all for coming. To the people of The Valley & Beyond- thank you for continually showing up for us and your community. We are committed to doing the same for you.


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