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✨Sponsor Spotlight✨ Featuring: Peralta Design

Our sponsors are amazing, community-first businesses and organizations that care about the wellbeing of Shelton. We're thankful for them and appreciate the support they've provided for all of us- they're one of the reasons we are able to put on such incredible events for the people of The Valley.

To thank them, we decided to do ✨Sponsor Spotlights✨, to highlight their organization and what they're all about. The first sponsor we'd like to highlight is.... Peralta Design! Founded in 2008, Ramon Peralta and his team are amazing designers, brand developers, and wizards at digital marketing. They made the process of creating a website amazingly easy, and we loved working with them to create our awesome website. They've been based in Shelton since the get-go, and will be celebrate their 15 year anniversary next year! Here's a few questions we asked them to get to know them better.

Tell us about your business/ organization and why it’s important to our community. Peralta Design helps businesses large and small navigate complex branding, web and digital marketing challenges. Shelton is the ideal place to launch a new company because more than 25,000 people commute into Shelton each day to work. Our entire business community and local chamber operates like a family; supporting each other and building partnerships. Having a local marketing agency here in Shelton brings big city branding and advertising strategies into our community. Even the smallest, most underserved communities of business deserve best practice branding and marketing strategies. A big part of our culture at Peralta Design is that we expect all team members to volunteer and participate in service to our community. Giving back is in our DNA.

What’s your favorite memory of Shelton? Our first brick and mortar office was in Downtown Shelton and I remember that it felt very much like Sesame Street. We had the ability to walk to the post office, walk to the dry cleaners, or walk to grab a sandwich at lunch. People knew us and there was a nice community of business owners and residents that kept downtown hustling and bustling. Shelton still has that feeling because there are so many good businesses and good people that live in this community that genuinely care about each other. That’s what makes Shelton a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

What is one of your goals with your business’s community impact? We believe that everyone is born with gifts and talents and that through them, they can leave the world better than they found it. When you use your gifts to serve others you are living in your purpose and we can help small business owners take their businesses to the next level, helping them to not only make a difference, but make a good living doing so.

How does your business or organization stand out? Peralta Design is dedicated to the small business community because we remember what it is like to start a home based business and grow it into a larger agency with clients all over the country. We never want to forget where we came from and we encourage everyone to start where they are, to not let perfect be the enemy of good and to build the ship as you fly. By taking that first step in your business, you will begin the journey of improvement while serving your customers and making a difference in the world through your gifts and talents. We are encouragers and believe that the best is yet to come - for everyone.


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