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✨Sponsor Spotlight✨ Featuring: Really Good Stuff

Hey! Our sponsors are amazing, community-first businesses and organizations that care about the wellbeing of Shelton. We're thankful for them and appreciate the support they've provided for all of us- they're one of the reasons we are able to put on such incredible events for the people of The Valley.

To thank them, we decided to do ✨Sponsor Spotlights✨, to highlight their organization and what they're all about. The first sponsor we'd like to highlight is.... Really Good Stuff! Founded in 1992, Really Good Stuff is dedicated to providing products and services that help teachers make a difference in children's lives. They are a Shelton business and we are so grateful for their support- so we asked them a few questions to get to know them a little better.

What does Shelton mean to you?

Shelton is like a second home to us. Shelton is not just where we work – it’s where we spend most of our time building relationships and establishing our connections with school communities throughout the US.

If you had to pick any place in Shelton to show someone, what would it be?

River Walk or Jones Family Farm are the places to be during this time of year! The scenery is beautiful and really showcases how amazing nature is – especially in the fall.

How does your business or organization stand out?

Really Good Stuff provides teachers with resources, tools and support, and allows teachers to create wish lists for contributors to provide them with much-needed classroom supplies! We dedicate our time to helping teachers get access to the latest educational material and resources for their classrooms. This allows millions of teachers and their students to thrive.

What’s your favorite service you provide, and why?

Besides providing teachers with access to resources and tools that impact the lives of millions of children, we provide an amazing service called Wishing Well. Wishing Well allows teachers to create a wish list of the supplies they need. They can then share their list and let generous contributors relieve the burden of teachers from paying for school supplies out-of-pocket!

Stay tuned for more ✨Sponsor Spotlights✨ in the next few weeks!


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