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What's coming up? Downtown Sounds: Fall Edition!

What’s your favorite season? If it’s not fall, then you’re wrong. This is my favorite time of the year- hoodie weather, bonfires, pumpkin spice lattes…. And of course. Downtown Sounds: Fall Edition. On October 8th! The same place where our other events are - Veterans Memorial Park, Shelton.

Fall Edition is my favorite because you can enjoy live music and local food on a Saturday, all day. We even have paint-a-pumpkin this year, thanks to Wells Hollow Farm, so be prepared to see some real beautiful creations.

Also heck yeah, we are selling t-shirts this year, so get them while you can. Rock some hometown pride! You know I’ll be sporting mine for the rest of the year, until we drop some new Shelton Pride Merch.

I think I’m most excited for the lineup though. The Alpaca Gnomes (duh- is it even a Shelton event without our favorite local band?), One Time Weekend, and Manny James. I can NOT wait to see these guys play. Grab your lawn chairs and let’s get our groove on, kids! We’ve got a bar tent, local food, artisans, live music, and the party.

Bring your friends and fam. This is a family event, so everyone’s invited. We’ll be there from 12PM-6PM. See you then.


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